SEO Hero: Volunteerism & Sharing Your Skills for Greater Good

Never underestimate the power of charity and volunteerism. Everyone has a vocation, a calling to do something great, something beyond their dreams. However, not everyone can afford to heed to such calling, especially when it involves free labor out of love and passion.


In this day and age, the prevailing motivation for most of individuals is money. This is nothing but natural because everyone needs money to tend for their needs and wants. This is also the main reason why volunteerism is rather a challenging and interesting idea to many. Not everyone can afford to donate their time, money, and effort for something that will not yield them money but other type of reward – a reward that is more of experiential than monetary.


Individuals who willingly and passionately offer their time, money, and effort for a cause that they firmly believe in is something not only rare but truly laudable. Ever since the advent of the internet, charity and volunteer organizations found a helpful arm to forward their cause. Today, there is a garden variety of charity groups that cater to different needs of the society: from poverty alleviation to animal rights activism. It is a smorgasbord of various charitable acts. Fortunately, many of these groups have found a loyal following of monetary donors and hard-working volunteers.


Taking the Cause to the Internet


The internet has become a helpful tool for charity and volunteer groups to introduce the people from all over the globe to their causes and beliefs. Bigger groups were able to expand their reach even more, while smaller and more specific organizations successfully introduced themselves to bigger audience. However, there is indeed an imbalance in the spectrum since more established organizations have more fluid way of reaching to more donors and volunteers vis-à-vis their smaller counter-parts. Thankfully, these smaller groups are backed by passionate individuals who are willing to spend their time for the sake of the organizations’ growth. This is the main idea of charity works and volunteerism: doing something big while expecting nothing in return as it is all about pure passion to help others in need.


Cash-strapped charity and volunteer organizations from different parts of the world are harnessing the power of the web to promote their causes, and they could not move forward if without the help of volunteers. These groups are supported by different people from different walks of life and career. In the realm of internet marketing, the role of search engine optimization (SEO) practitioners in promoting the works of these organizations is very much needed. While smaller charity groups can fund for their online marketing campaign, they are faced with limitations since they don’t have adequate finances to come up with full-blown campaigns. This is when the works and efforts of volunteer SEO experts come into play.


When we talk about SEO practitioners, it is easy to think about people who work tirelessly to ensure that their clients and companies get the best spot on search engine results – because that is their work. However, there are also practitioners who offer their skills and time to causes they believe in for free. This may sound bizarre since most people who have the basic knowledge about the SEO industry only think of them as individuals who only provide their services for a fee.


Volunteer SEOs: Where Did They Come From?


We know that there are SEO experts and professionals who share their time and skills to certain charity organizations, but where did they come from? In order to answer this question, we must first establish that SEO practitioners also have their own personal lives: they have their own hobbies, passion, and beliefs. Individuals who are so passionate about what they believe in are likely to offer their talents to groups that share their own sentiments and ideologies. Taking this into consideration, we can trace the roots of these SEO volunteers.


SEOs who are genuine pet lovers will be naturally attracted to the idea of helping out animal rights groups by rendering their services for free. Individuals who are touched by the unending problems related to poverty are likely to join movements of concerned organizations by assisting in their SEO campaigns. SEO practitioners who have family members suffering from cancer are likely to share their time and talents to charity groups promoting cancer awareness and prevention. It all boils down to the personal experiences, beliefs, and social responsibility of SEO practitioners. Sharing is caring, and for these volunteers, their way of caring is through sharing their talents for groups they believe in.


Keeping the World a Better Place One Effort at a Time


The services of premium SEO companies are for sure topnotch, but you cannot underestimate the heart and passion of volunteers. When volunteer SEOs share their knowledge and skills, it is certain that they do it out of passion for what they believe in. Hence, you can bet that the process and fruits of their works are nothing but extraordinary and revolutionary.


The “Wix SEO Hero Contest” by aims to challenge SEO practitioners to up their game in exchange for $50,000. The contest likewise intends to highlight the work of “SEO Heroes” or SEO practitioners who can be considered as “heroes” in their own respect. In perspective, nobody can deny the fact that SEOs who do volunteer works can be considered as heroes themselves. They make the world a better place one effort at a time. They may not be the ones who revolutionize and reinvent the industry, but they are the ones who go an extra mile to promote various charitable acts. They may not be the best SEOs in the industry, but their valiant efforts result in real world benefits. They may not be the most successful practitioners in their respective SEO field, but they are doing leaps as far as volunteerism and charity works are concerned. They are true heroes in their own respect.


There are many smaller charity and volunteer groups that need proper online marketing campaigns, and they will never run out of the need for volunteers, especially for people who have good background and knowledge on SEO and social media marketing. If you are an SEO practitioner, and you want to do your part in making this world a better place, why not volunteer? You can do this by looking for a group that echoes your beliefs and passion. Once you found one that is closest to your heart, you can send them an email detailing that you want to share your time and skills with them as an SEO volunteer, and for sure the group will be glad to have you. You may not get any monetary allowance in the process, but the feeling of helping other people in the name of good cause is more than enough to feed your soul and heart.


It is never easy to sacrifice your time for free. That is the challenge of volunteerism: it makes heroes out of normal people. The moment you decide to partake in a movement for something great is when you start becoming a volunteer – a hero. You don’t need to wear cape and have super powers, all you need to have is the willingness and passion to help other people.

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