Blogs and Contents Trends for 2017

The world of online marketing and advertising as we know it gets even better and better. While the continuing pursuit to become no.1 in the search engine rankings gets even tougher, online business owners oftentimes resort to strategies that would make online marketing fairly competitive. One specific strategy that has become a staple for years now is blogging.


We all know that through blogs, business owners can communicate with their customers or clients. Right now, with all the possibilities that would make blogging an effective strategy to get to the top page of Google and become a big presence over the Internet, every business owner must become aware of certain trends.


According to SEO superheroes, such trends, when applied, would determine the number of people who would visit the blogs, as well as the propensity of them responding to certain posts and sharing them to other people. But then, these trends need not entail constant changes in terms of the blog appearance and user interface. Rather, these trends in blogging should keep customers, clients, and even plain folks interested.


These are the current trends in blogging for 2017:


  • Quality posts. Sounds cliché, but still, content is king. As it is, today’s search engine optimization or SEO efforts have become more stringent, thanks to the updates made through Google Panda recently. This is why blog content must be of high-quality as much as possible. No more keyword stuffing obviously, and postings must be made twice or thrice a week instead of rushing on blog articles for daily posting. That way, business owners can be ensured that what they post on their blogs is not based on quantity.


  • Incorporation of social media in blogs. Social media today is not only for the purpose of connecting with friends. Rather, it is now considered as a popular yet effective online marketing tool. When incorporating it in blogs, the possibility of sharing an interesting post on Google+, Facebook, Twitter, and other social media platforms increases the chances of the blog—and the business itself—to be recognized by other people who don’t know about it. Bringing in new people to the bog won’t only establish new connections, but would also result in conversions.


  • Other interesting yet quality content. Not all blog followers or just mere readers are too impressed with what the business owners post on their blogs. When a blog relies too much on articles, even though they’re of high quality, it still is pretty much boring. To establish the element of surprise and to keep readers from going away from a certain blog, posting infographics, as well as videos that are related to the nature of business, should also be important.


Such are the trends for today’s blogs for 2017. The theme that we can see from these trends is that it relies more on quality over quantity. Also, posting interesting yet thought-provoking articles and other form of content would help increase the possibility of establishing an online presence and conversion, through the help of social media. The world of SEO and blogging has become more competitive, and if you want you rank higher, you must bring your game to the next level.


Gone are the days of substandard contents. If you really want to rank in the search results, then you have to invest on top quality contents. If you ask any SEO superheroes, they will tell you that don’t write for the engine, write for the readers – this sums it best. At the end of the day, the main intention of any blog is to provide more information to the online consumers.

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