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Do you want to be a great SEO Hero in the Philippines? Check out this video from Maile Ohye on how to do SEO in 10 minutes. Learn from the expert & maybe you can be a great SEO hero like Maile Ohye!

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How to Become a SEO HERO?

Learn the Mystic Arts of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) & Become A SEO Hero. Through this website, we will show you how to tap into your inner powers to become the next SEO Hero!

Learn your seo hero powers

SEO Superheroes manifest powers that help make the web a more accessible and safer space. They’re also the ones best qualified to defend the online world from SEO villains and Google search catastrophes.

Content Writing

Content writing is a generic mental ability. This allows SEO heroes to use their knack for words, resourcefulness, and superintelligence to deliver fresh and relevant information with high levels of sentence structure knowledge. This superpower ward off people from flocking on spelling mistakes filled- and poorly researched content.

Web Development

SEO Heroes gifted with this ability need no more physical powers. Their genius levels of various programming languages, user experience and user interface optimization, database technologies, and a handful more are enough to keep the people happily and seamlessly connected with the online world.

Marketing Power

Not all heroes wear capes and have superpowers, some simply have an advanced know-how on social media. This helps increase community engagements and traffic among others. No need for super-strength to carry your ranking upwards or regeneration to continuously produce fresh and unique contents to call yourself a SEO superhero.

Find your SEO hero COSTUME

Like Batman and Superman, SEO Hero also suit up when shielding the cyberspace against internet villains. As the Captain once said, “If you’re gonna fight a war, you got to wear a uniform.”

The Pigeon Man

The Pigeon Man dons an algorithm that utilises its vision-telescopic abilities that improves the findings on the distance and location of search engine ranking parameters.

The Pigeon Man

The Penguin Man

The Penguin Man makes the internet easily accessible and reliable. He catches predators with non-organic links and bad link profiles and throws them into the deep waters of search engines.

The Penguin Man

The Panda Man

The Panda Man has heightened content quality assessment senses that allows search engines to only provide the most valuable and relevant content and ranks it accordingly, dwelling down in hand-to-hand combat those that are of lesser quality.

The Panda Man

The Hummingbird Man

The Hummingbird Man is the Vision of SEO Superheroes. He uses advanced analytical skills, superhuman speed and accuracy in processing information which ensures queries entered in search engines are better understood hence, people are provided with precise results taken from their keyword input.

The Hummingbird Man

SEO Hero Headquarters

Our SEO Heroes get to choose where they prefer to work: in their own secret command center beneath their residence or in our main headquarters—where the Avengers and other superheroes alike come to plan their next defense.

The Batcave

If you’re the type of hero who works best alone: working at your own time, in your own cave, you may fulfill your duties as a SEO hero at home where you can freely monitor all crisis points as well as do and repair mechanical works.

The Stark Tower

Most SEO Heroes works in the office just like Tony Stark and the Avengers. The Stark Tower is equipped with advanced technology and defense armors necessary for the heroes to perform their technological research and development efficiently.


Every hero has an advanced skill; some requires tools, weaponry, and other advanced technology to maximise their abilities. Superheroes who specialize in SEO have their own range of tools and weapons to combat web destruction, and protect the internet realm.

The Google Analytics

Google Analytics (GA) allows SEO hero to track pageviews, monitor visitor information, and learn the conversion rates. Modify and improve your business’ marketing powers by measuring search traffic, referrals, email, and your social media marketing campaigns.

The SEO Audit Tools

SEO heroes utilises audit tools as they show off their wall-crawling ability to perform comprehensive tests on any landing pages. This runs a hyper speed analysis on a website’s effectiveness, Google ranking, identifying any danger or SEO technical havoc that needs fixing—boosts your search traffic sky high!

The SEO Backlinks

Heroes who uses the SEO backlinks weapon work their enigmatic tests to figure out how many backlinks point to your website and/or the links you have on hold. This tool retrieves shamanistic gems such as information on page ranks, anchor texts, warnings, and other red flags that need new strategy plan.

SEO Super Villains

The Spammer Man

Though there are vigilantes and SEO heroes looking after the industry, there are still a number of offenders who such as the Spammer Man, who roams the web to drop a false and malicious attacks to increase their search engine ranking illegally.

The Hacker Man

The Hacker Man takes advantage of vulnerable websites. This supervillain has flair with highly innovative and complex weapons that swoops in to steal website traffic and other data that can cause annihilation.